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Ontario Government Investing in Manufacturing

Posted on Dec 28th, 2016 by Jennifer Hannan

The Ontario government is funding growth in Ontario’s agriculture manufacturing sector. Jaylor Fabricating Inc., a cattle feed-mixer company, is expanding its plant in East Garafraxa, Dufferin County, with the help of the Province. The expansion will allow the company to boost production, increase its capacity, improve efficiency, and expand its international market presence.... 

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WESTERN ONTARIO - Farmer fined over $30,000 for spreading manure on frozen ground

Posted on Nov 21st, 2016 by Jennifer Hannan

BRANCHTON - A farm owner and his son were fined $33,125 for spreading manure on frozen ground that got into a neighbour’s drinking water. Philip Watson, the owner of Philmar Holsteins at Branchton, southeast of Cambridge, was fined $31,250. His son Thomas was fined $1,875. The Watsons applied liquid manure to a field while the ground was still frozen, which is illegal in Ontario, as is applying manure to land covered with snow.... 

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Turning Waste Into "Black Gold"

Posted on Nov 7th, 2016 by Jennifer Hannan

“It’s all about thinking differently and being open to new ideas,” said Jake Kraayenbrink, who operates a high-health herd of 500 sows near Drayton. “I’ve always been interested in the biology of soil and finding ways to enhance production while protecting the ecosystem. We were an early adopter of injecting manure into the ground and embracing innovation in this area has been a huge part of our growth.”... 

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