Ready to move to Ontario?

You've done you're research. You've selected a property. You've got your finances together and your family is ready to embark on an exciting adventure – to build a new life in Ontario, Canada.

The Farm Team can help – every step of the way
As with any move, there are many details to take care of. The Farm Team has a lot of experience helping farmers like you make the move to Ontario. Depend on us to help with:

The Bureaucracy!

Yes, there is paperwork. But less us help make it as painless as possible. We and our partners can help with visa applications and other matters, including:

  • Mortgage applications
  • Business planning
  • Legal advice
  • Accounting and insurance
  • Equipment sales/leasing

The Actual Move

Physically getting here is a big step. We can help arrange your move by, for example, having moving companies take care of your goods, shippers, customs brokers, etc.

Getting Settled

Once you get here, your exciting new life begins. Congratulations. But don't worry, if there is some homesickness (which there almost always is), we are around to help you settle in.

We have seen many farm families succeed and we know how to connect you with the community you live in to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Please contact us. We would be happy to help.

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